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Interview Preparation

Whether you are approaching your very first job interview or have interviewed many times over, it is always important to remind yourself of the process and remember that thorough preparation is essential to a successful interview. Think about what you need to do before the interview, what to expect during, and how to follow up afterwards.

As a guide carefully consider the following:

- What do you know about the company and interviewer/s?
- Do you fully understand the role, its requirements and how you meet them?
- Does the reward package and future prospects meet your ambition?
- What should you expect from the process
- Practicalities – travel, parking, timing etc.

- Looking the part - your appearance, body language, speech etc.
- Questions you are likely to be asked
- Questions you would like to ask
- What you need to do after the interview to follow up?

For a detailed guide to Interview Preparation...DOWNLOAD